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Zanettos Franchise Information Dossier

The Zanettos story!

Savvas Zanettos was born on July 24 1882 in the Nicosia suburb of Lakatamia in Cyprus. At an early age he immigrated to America but returned to Cyprus in order to open a tavern and grocery shop. In 1938 “Taverna Zanettos” opened its doors at 65 Trikoupi Street, within the walled city of Nicosia. In his shop he also sold groceries (cured meats and fish, canned food, alcoholic drinks, beans etc). In the same area he served drinks (cognac and wine) and meze. With only very few tables in the first years of operation and a "pangos" or bench ... better known to us in the form of a contemporary bar. At it the single clients or friends stood for a drink of "koniakki” with meze (Cyprus cognac and accompanying meze tidbits). Old timers mention with nostalgia that old Zanettos fried whitebait right in front of them. The neighborhood coffee house owner, the late George Ioannidis (better known in old Nicosia as "THE MANGAS" (the bloke or dude) mentioned often as the tavern’s best dishes the ktapodi kathisto (stewed octopus), afelia (boneless pork in wine and coriander) and karaolous yiahni (snail casserole). "Mangas" even remembered the old man distilling in a “hartzi” koniakki (Cuprus cognac) and bottling it under the name "Zanettos". This was of course the drink of choice for customers of the tavern.

The shop changed management in 1960 when Zanettos nephew, Mr. Nikos Ropa, took it over keeping it until 1997. At that time the present owner Mr. Panagiotis Mentzis took the heavy burden of running what is probably Cyprus’ oldest tavern.
Primary goal has been and always will be to have a good time with the “parea” (company of friends). To have a good time in the same style as Cypriots of old time did and the same way as old man Zanettos intended for his friends and customers to enjoy after his return from America. With simplicity and “kefi” (good mood) while sipping a drink and eating tasty meze made with simple, fresh, local ingredients. With every attention paid to the right flavors and an open to view kitchen showing the cleanliness of “Zanettos”. The “Zanettos” customer is not a stranger. Every visitor has a name, family and friends all deserving of a good time. We know our customers and they knows us. We welcome them with a tight handshake, look at them in the eyes and offer a warm welcome, a balm to the worries and trouble of the day.
Aristocrat, laborer, male, female, old, young, educated, uneducated, eponymous, anonymous; once a customer passes our door they are simply our friend. They deserve respect and our care. In a “Zanettos” eating establishment, what separates us is left out of our door and what comes in unites us: Love. At "Zanettos" we are all special and equal. The only exceptions to our rule are the self righteous and the ones that feel they own earth. We welcome here only the down to earth and the authentic. Here you enter to have a good time and do away with worries. Here you know it is the only place and only time of the day you are not faced with dilemmas as we always offer the same wealth of meze. After our welcome and the pouring of drinks your table is getting served. We start with fresh salads and appetizers, designed to prepare the stomach to accept the heavier dishes and the meats. The majority of recipes and painstaking procedures for preparing our various dishes are made as they were made in the old times. This is legacy of Zanettos and we continue just the way the old man would have wanted us. The whole ritual of dinner based on the philosophy of homemade food, where the family gathers for dinner on the table but the process is as much focused on communication as well as food. "Zanettos" is honest and has dealings with the honest partners. In our “parea”, words and deeds are straight. Everyone working at a “Zanettos” eating establishment is a Lord as they are the hosts that know how to give the most. They are proud to be the best of their kind be they a waiter or a cook. That is why people are always alert. Just as the rooster. And just like rooster proclaims the victory of the day over the night, so does Zanettos herald the victory of relaxation over trouble.

Our Vision

Life is like meze plates. You enjoy it better when you share it with others.

Our Mission

To promote the Cypriot tradition of hospitality using and good company as protagonists!

Our Uniquness

Always consistent. Always fresh. Always delicious. Always Cypriot. Always with a smile.

Franchising System

The Zanettos Franchise System

Development through Franchising has become a global phenomenon of modern entrepreneurship and enterprise development, both within the narrow national, as well as in the wider context of the internationalization of markets.
This method of trade cooperation offers both parties, the franchiser and the franchisee, unparalleled advantages, while cooperation with the franchise "Zanettos" has been designed according to modern business practices.
Franchised restaurants in the"Zanttos" chain will all have the same common and recognizable features. This means that we aim to assign to each new restaurant anywhere in Cyprus or abroad it may open, the same style and tone, while maintaining the autonomy and specificity of each space and each market. Non negotiable condition is that the special recognizable features that make “Zanettos” stand out be preserved and each restaurant becomes a point of reference in its area.


We welcome all who visit us with joy and good heart. For us, everybody is equal. Everyone deserves our respect and love.


We operate with credibility, authenticity and passion simply because... We love what we do. We love everyone coming through our door and create relationships that are honest and true. Faithful to the traditions of the “Zanettos’ Cypriot Tavern”, every night we follow the same fixed preparation process and serve meze with attention to quality and hygiene.

Cyprus Tradition

We have been in the same neighborhood since 1938. A neighborhood with warm, simple, hospitable, polite people who feel for each other. We create a friendly atmosphere that blends people, brings them closer to each other and also closer to Cypriot tradition. We prepare consistent homemade tastes every night, always using fresh, delicious Cypriot materials, with good humor and always with a smile.

Heart Out

We are proud hosts, always ready for fun and willing to make sure that we take good care of our guests that love and support us for so many years. We are real to our customers and always with pleasant and good disposition. We are generous with our feelings and share them with colleagues, customers, friends ... everyone!


The most tasty tidbits! Prepared using both body and soul with devotion to tradition. Served with love to our customers and best enjoyed in good company. Relax drinking to their health and reminisce special moments with loved ones.


The most famous part of our meze! Made from the choicest of meat cuts, prepared with meticulous attention to every detail, grilled to perfection and served quickly in order to delight our customer with flavour and texture. Able just by itself to support an eating establishment such as “Zanettos Cypriot Souvlaki”


We choose the freshest and most natural ingredients to create our special meze. Everything we serve is prepared or cooked as close to serving as possible.


We follow the same process of preparation, cooking, grilling and serving for years. We remain faithful to this tradition that has established us as the pinnacle of Cyprus Taverns.
Each member of the chain operates as an independent company owned exclusively by the new Franchisee partner. The entire network is guided, supervised and coordinated by the franchisor firm, also called Franchiser.
As with any branded and successful Franchise System, in the “Zanettos” chain the success of the entrepreneurial effort depends on two factors, the Franchiser and the Franchisee.
The Franchiser is the central body of technical expertise and the lever of communication and development. Based on its reputation and expertise it is the guarantor of success for the whole network. It is responsible for keeping the high quality standards across the chain and the consistent use of originality and uniqueness that characterizes the "Zanettos" chain. Its basic obligation is to provide specific support services to associates of the Franchisee.

Benefits to be obtained from our cooperation

The main advantage you gain as a member of "Zanettos" Franchising Network is the assurance of business success through the uniqueness and originality of the whole idea.
1. Take advantage of the reputation and prestige of the "Zanettos’ Cyprus Tavern" and “Zanettos Cypriot Souvlaki” names and benefit from the use of the mark (Brand Name) since it is widely known and acclaimed not only in the Cypriot market but also worldwide.
2. As a "Zanettos" Franchisee you can utilize and make your own our long-standing expertise.
3. We provide initial and recurrent training as well as ongoing support, both for owner, management and all the staff involved.
4. You will benefit directly from any nationwide or worldwide reporting and advertising and be included in all promotions (contests and promotional events) of "Zanettos".

Requirements of candidate franchisee:

The basic requirements to be met by the candidate partner - Franchisee who wants to cooperate with "Zanettos" and create a branded eating establishment are as follows:
1. Be a very effective communicator and also have the ability to recognize and respect limits.
2. Be eager to work and enjoy what this business entails..
3. Be ambitious with restless spirit that acknowledges successful ideas.
4. Accept the philosophy of the franchise system.
5. Have the required financial capacity. It is estimated that the minimum capital outlay required to start a new "Zanettos’ Cyprus tavern" is €200.000 and about €50.000 for a “Zanettos Cypriot Souvlaki”.
6. Ideally to have highly intuitive business and administrative skills.
7. Have support of the direct and indirect environment.
8. Ideally have previous experience in restaurant or catering business.

Support services before the signing of cooperation agreement between our franchise and you include amongst others:

1. Evaluation of Candidate place that needs to be over 100 - 120 square meters for a Classic “Zanettos Cyprus Tavern” tavern and 40 – 60 square meters for “Zanettos Cypriot Souvlaki” take away.
2. Technical and operational inspection of the place.

Support services after the signing of the franchise cooperation agreement and before the opening of your restaurant:

1. We place at your disposal experienced architects and consultants specialized in construction and decoration of your restaurant that will offer advantageous prices.

Detailed information on the technical specifications, necessary guidelines and the process of their implementation.
Time schedule for the design and construction of your restaurant, architectural study and design layout of the main spaces, architectural design and planning of ancillary spaces, design and kitchen layout, design and construction of special facilities and kitchen fittings, assistance and coordination for the selection of mechanical equipment kitchen so as to be functional.
Advice on the selection of other equipment.

2. Periodic monitoring of the progress of construction, so that everything is carried out according to plans, specifications and budget set.
3. We support the creation of food and beverage menu, choice of suppliers and materials in order to get the most advantageous deals.
4. We support you in choosing the appropriate staff for your "Zanettos" eating establishment which will begin theoretical and practical training at one of our locations. Especially as regarding the kitchen staff, training will be carried out for as long as we deem appropriate to acquire the necessary skills before being released to the new restaurant.
5. We support the planning, organization and initial communication strategy of the restaurant in your local market and organize joint creation of brochures for distribution in your area.
6. We give you the right to use the brands marks and signs.

After the opening of your “Zanettos” we provide ongoing effective administration and operational support:

We support your restaurant reviewing periodically its smooth, correct, proper and efficient operation. We provide you with information if deviations from our operating system standards appear, or if any relevant differences in key indicators of sustainability and profitability of your restaurant.
We occasionally supervise the proper implementation of customer service and application quality with secret visits (Mystery Shopper).
We provide support via advertising from our website ( and social media (
Promote restaurants by sponsoring cultural, theatrical and musical performances.
Renewal of food and drinks menu card for each season depending on the availability of products.




“Zanettos’ Cyprus Tavern”

“Zanettos Cypriot Souvlaki”



Ζανέττος Κυπριακή Ταβέρνα



Take away

Interior Size:

100-120 sw. m.

80 sw. m.

Exterior Size:

50-100 sq. m..

Not necessary

Contract duration: Five years with renewal option for another five years with the same terms.

Franchise fee: 3% on sales.

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