Blowing the Zanettos horn!

When you have entered your eighth decade of serving traditional Cypriot meze and have been at the same location since Queen Elizabeth II was a little girl, you are bound to be noticed! We are extremely proud of the reviews our humble tavern receives from seasoned food and beverage professionals, world renowned travel guides as well as regular patrons who feel that they need to share with their friends the experience they have had at Zanettos.
Pardon us if it does seem we are blowing our own horn but see it as a tribune to the ones that have dined at our restaurant in Nicosia and a small way to thank them.  Above you can see some of the most recent reviews on Zanettos, including mentions in the Cyprus editions of both Lonely Planet and the Rough Guide travel books.  We are also honored to be mentioned in the meze section of the prestigious Ultimate Food Journeys publication.

Zanettos Restaurant Reviews

Zanettos Cyprus Tavern consistently receives favorable reviews at travelers' forums.  A special mention goes to which offers unbiased reviews of restaurants in Nicosia by visitors from all over the world.  If you have visited our tavern, we would be happy to see your comments there too! 

 Zanettos Tavern in Art

You know you have transcended the point of being ordinary when you are featured in songs.  Local artist Mike Haji Mike teamed up with   Greek hip-hop legends Imiskoumpria and distilled the essence of our philosophy in their lyrics together with a reward for being original:
"Friend, stop imitating and become the best you can be and I am treating you to dinner at Zanettos' Tavern".  
Zanettos Cyprus tavern on TripAdvisor also publishes restaurant reviews.  We invite you to visit their web site, read the reviews and write your own review of Zanettos Cyprus Tavern there.

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